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Featuring medieval queens, including Queen Berengeria, Queen Eleanor, Queen Isabella and more.

Welcome to the World of Medieval Queens

Throughout the medieval period—roughly 800-1500—dozens of royal women influenced the course of events in Europe and beyond. Some were famous and celebrated, like Eleanor of Aquitaine and Isabella of Castile. Some were famous and reviled, like Isabella of Angoulême. Some were and still are almost unknown, like Berengaria of Navarre and Ingeborg of Denmark.

Come with us behind the scenes to meet these fascinating women and to immerse yourself in the medieval world they inhabited. All played a part in 700 years of women’s history, and each has a unique story to tell.

More queens are added regularly, so keep checking back. If there’s a queen you’d like to see included,

     Eleanor of Aquitaine

Biographies of medieval queens

Anne of Bohemia, queen of England

Berengaria of Navarre, queen of England

Constance of Sicily, queen of Germany

Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of (1) France,
(2) England

Eleanor of Castile, queen of England

Eleanor of Provence, queen of England

Ingeborg of Denmark, queen of France

Isabella of Angouleme, queen of England

Isabella of Castile, queen of Castile and Aragon

Joanna of England, queen of Sicily

Margaret, queen of Scotland

Matilda, de facto queen of England

Melisende, queen of Jerusalem

Urraca of Leon, queen of Leon and Castile

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