Featuring medieval queens, including Queen Berengeria, Queen Eleanor, Queen Isabella and more.

Medieval Queens Links

Medieval Kings and Queens of England
Featuring a chronological list of kings and queens of England with short biographies.

Medieval and Renaissance Queens, Rulers
Women who ruled in medieval and renaissance times - queens, empresses, and others. Find biographies, etexts, some pictures, and links to even more resources for women rulers around the world.

Queen Berengeria

Queen Berengaria jewelry
Featuring the Queen Berengaria jewelry collection and a short bio of Berengaria.

Queen Berengaria on Wikipedia
A brief bio of Queen Berengaria with links to other related figures.

Berengaria - In Search of Richard the Lionheart's Queen
A biography of Queen Berengaria by Ann Trindade

Queen Isabella of Castile

Queen Isabella 1
Biography and statistics from Who2.com

Catholic Encyclopedia: Isabella I
Deep (and sympathetic) biography from the encyclopedia of her church

Isabella I
History and related links

Isabella and Ferdinand
Brief history of their union, by a student at East Carolina University

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