Featuring medieval queens, including Queen Berengeria, Queen Eleanor, Queen Isabella and more.

Medieval History Quiz

Based on
"A Reed in the Wind"
"Queen Without a Country" and
"Isabella: Queen Without a Conscience"
Historical novels by Rachel Bard

Test your knowledge of medieval Europe.

  1. The mother of Richard I of England was:
    1. Mary of Scotland
    2. Eleanor of Aquitaine
    3. Joan of Arc
  2. Who was the leader of the forces in Palestine that Richard fought against in the Third Crusade?
    1. Saladin
    2. Safadin
    3. Gunga Din
  3. Isabella of Angoulme married twice. Her husbands were:
    1. Hugh de Lusignan and King John
    2. Prince Arthur of Brittany and King John
    3. Robin Hood and Little John
  4. What language was most commonly spoken in 13th-century Europe?
    1. Latin
    2. English
    3. Norman French
  5. Berengaria and her sister-in-law, Isabella,
    1. Never met
    2. Met once, at the castle of Chinon
    3. Were lifelong friends
  6. Eleanor of Aquitaine married twice. Her two husbands were:
    1. Philip Augustus of France and Henry IV of England
    2. Louis VII of France and Henry II of England
    3. Louis XV of France and Henry VII of England
  7. Who was Queen Joanna of Sicily's second husband?
    1. Raymond, Count of Toulouse
    2. King Philip of France
    3. Saladin, Sultan of Egypt
  8. When in battle, Geoffrey Plantagenet:
    1. Wore a scarlet cloak emblazoned with three golden lions
    2. Usually rode alongside Richard the Lionheart
    3. Stuck a sprig of Scotch broom in his helmet
  9. Who were the only two Spanish "queens regnant" in medieval times?
    1. Isabella of Castile and Urraca of Leon and Castile
    2. Joanna La Loca: and Isabella of Castile
    3. Berengaria of Navarre and Katharine of Aragon

Answers: 1-b, 2-a, 3-a, 4-c, 5-b, 6-b, 7-a, 8-c, 9-a)

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